Saturday, August 23, 2014

Phinnaeus Gage: The Story of an Internet Troll Pt. 5

I want to make my intentions clear. I am not trying to bully Mr. Burno Kucinskas. I am trying to warn people about the person who is hiding behind a screen name and that screen name is Phinnaeus Gage. Of course, if you are a regular visitor and reader of the bitcoin forum I talk about, you surely have noticed that Mr. Bruno Kucinskas has more than one screen names.

Scrolling the topics which involve the companies he trolls, you will find him using at least 10 different usernames, but always revealing his identity.What surprised me the most is that this person really has no boundaries. 

As I was browsing through the forum one day, I saw a new thread. I clicked, even though I was sure what I am about to see there. The Phinnaeus Gage personality, logged under another nickname, was posting direct insults not only to the company and the CEO of the company he was currently fighting with, but also threats and insults to his WIFE. When this world has become so cruel? My sense of justice doesn’t allow me to leave that behind as I know that my wife and kids could be exposed to a similar attack one day. Like myself, each one of you people who read this blog, doesn’t matter if you came here because you are interested in bitcoin mining or Phinnaeus Gage (Bruno Kucinskas), must react to internet bullies and put them in the right place – in the ban folder!

I am still amazed how people like him still float around the internet societies (like the bitcoin one), directly insulting other users and even people who are not involved in the business or topic – like that CEO’s wife.
Why I’m not mentioning the name of the companies and executives that this guy trolls? Because I think that despite of their business decisions (whether right, wrong or simply not fulfilling our personal desires) they have had enough.

Once I am done telling the story of Phinnaeus Gage and his trolling career on the Internet, I want this place to become a “less trolls, less problems” world wide web page, where people share knowledge, ideas and common understanding. Not hate. 

Phinnaeus Gage: The Story of an Internet Troll Pt. 4

Why am I dedicating a whole blog for a guy I have never met in my life? That’s a good question. The answer is very simple and many won’t be surprised when they hear it. Because I am sick of seeing how people bully other people on the internet. Whether it’s the company or the CEO behind it. It’s sick and twisted. It’s sad that those people, who we often call trolls, do not face the consequences of insulting other people on the web.

This is what Bruno Kucinskas does all day every day. I couldn’t believe that there is a person, capable of destroying other peoples’ lives on purpose. But hey, there’s a first time for everything.
I convinced myself when I saw it with my own eyes. He said the truth just as it is: he aims to destroy the company he is currently trolling on the bitcoin forum, but doesn’t end with that. He wants to destroy the CEO and, here’s the surprise, his marriage.

I will quote him. The names of the company and its CEO and one of the employees are deleted on purpose.
PS: To any lawyer reading this: I fully intend to do my damndest to destroy the *** brand, fuck up ***  livelihood, and destroy his marriage. For good measure, I wish to fuck the living shit outta ***, ***’s Night Moderator, and eat her tight Jewish pussy.

What? I didn’t hear you. Oh, this is bullying. Yes, this is bullying in its purest form. Insult (personal, sexual and racist) and real threat. How is this girl, who moderates the forum during the late hours, supposed to get her job done, when a user (who happens to know where she works) is stating his intentions as clear as that? If we let that happen, how can we close our eyes and fall asleep each night, being assured that our kids won’t face the same situation of insults and threats the day after?

People like Bruno Kucinskas, who tends to hide behind his screen name Phinnaeus Gage are the people who bully our kids on the internet. People like Bruno Kucinskas are the people whose only purpose in life is to make other people’s lives miserable. Users like Phinnaeus Gage are threat to the internet society as they keep delivering false information, keeping the rest of the audience away from the valuable data most people seek on the internet. In a perfect world, this behavior and intentions would be banned right away. We all know the world we live in is far from perfect, but shouldn't we strive for perfection every day?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Phinnaeus Gage: The Story of an Internet Troll Pt. 3

Phinnaeus Gage (Bruno Kucinskas)
Mr. Bruno Kucinskas, or maybe it’s better if I use his pseudonym Phinnaeus Gage, is still active on the bitcoin forum he was previously banned from. Even though we do not see a lot of posts coming from the username Phinnaeus Gage, Mr. Bruno Kucinskas is posting his opinion from other accounts, which are obviously moderated by him.

Mr. Phinnaeus Gage proved himself as a professional troll alongside many others trying to bring few of the industry key players down.
Considering the fact that the bitcoin industry is a business field where each minute matters, the competing companies are doing their best to both drive more sales (meaning sell more bitcoin miner hardware machines) and bring their competitors down.

Apparently, after one of the bitcoin conferences held in Europe last year, some of the bitcoin hardware manufacturers are hiring not only engineers and customer support to satisfy their customers’ needs, but are also hiring professional trolls (such as Mr. Phinnaeus Gage himself) to constantly distract the users from the valuable information, while at the same time they are destroying their competitors image.

The trick here, as in any other business field, is not to bring your competitors down, but to outrank them. This can’t happen if you invest your money into hiring people who are everything, but:
  • ·         Professionals;
  • ·         Available to communicate on average or higher level;
  • ·         Honest people who respect others’ people moral values.

Unfortunately, Mr. Phinnaeus Gage is not even getting close to the three bullets above.

He proved himself not only as an internet troll, but also as a low moral person, devoid of tact, guilt and sense of proportion. His over 1000 posts on the forum speak of himself as person who is greedy and willing do everything in his power just for the sake of getting a coin or two in return. That includes destroying someone else’s image, business and eventually – personal life. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Phinnaeus Gage: The Story of an Internet Troll Pt. 2

Many months have passed and I still haven’t bought the miners I was initially planning to buy. My savings doubled because I managed some successful bitcoin exchange transfers, but I still wasn’t mining myself. My coins were coming from outside, not from my own machines.

I have learned about bitcoin, how to make a good profit without investing into some mining hardware, but I realized that now is the time to start mining my own coins. From the comfort of my own home! I knew that once I get my hands on a decent miner or two (or three for that matter), I will double my income from bitcoins. I knew it, because I took the time to learn about bitcoin despite the fact that people like Phinnaeus Gage (also known as Bruno Kucinskas) are doing their best to keep the newcomers away and disgust and force the old members to back off.

Each topic related to bitcoin mining hardware was filled with his trolling posts from the top to the bottom. Users trying to learn more about the machines and determine whether they are willing to invest their money into some mining chips or not were not able to do so. Considering the length of each Phinnaeus Gage’s posts and the following discussions of other users trying to defend the object of the attack led to an anarchy situation which was later handled by the mods of the forum by banning Phinnaeus Gage from posting any further opinions.

Right away he went on Reddit, telling everyone how his attempts to raise the awareness in the users of how certain company is fooling its customers around were banned. It was not him trolling. It was him telling the truth, he said.

I was amazed again, because this guy seemed like he is a full-time internet troll. He was constantly attacking companies, and they were not able to handle the situation simply because they had to continue delivering their products in order to keep the ball rolling.

Bruno Kucinskas developed a strong hate perception in the majority of the community members who were there to learn more about one idea worth spreading – bitcoin. Mr. Kucinskas managed to piss off not only the community members and the companies he was trolling, but also people who were not participating in the discussions he has developed. Users all over the internet – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and reddit kept telling him to stop, but he didn’t.

Until today. Mr. Bruno Kucinskas (or Phinnaeus Gage if you prefer his screen name) is still a full-time internet troll. Apparently, he is being paid to do all of the blackguardly things he is currently doing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Phinnaeus Gage - The Story of an Internet Troll Pt.1

Phinnaeus Gage. I happened to bump into this guy's online profile on a bitcoin related forum. As a newbie, my intention was to first learn more about that cryptocurrency which is technically not real, but you can still buy things with her. Then probably - start mining coins for a personal use.

That particular bitcoin society has by today 8393044 posts in 339779 topics by 352471 users and it is the biggest bitcoin internet society. I was browsing through the forum hungry for more information. I wanted to know about bitcoin in detail, because that was my plan to make more money and support my kids’ education. Who doesn’t want to do something good for his family after all? And that seemed like a good option to start with. The beginners section was interesting and very helpful, because all newbies could ask their silly questions there, and there would always be someone to give them an answer. Once I became more confident in my knowledge about bitcoin, I started browsing the other sections, including the Hardware sub forum.

There I became a witness of people who accumulate so many hate that if hate could transform into any form of physical weapon, it would have been an atomic bomb. Phinnaeus Gage was one of the most active users in the hardware section. Around November and December 2013, while the price of the bitcoin was so high, hardware companies were competeing who is going to offer the clients the best chip out there and who is going to nail the price to a number that is way too tempting not to invest into.

While obviously there always is some sort of scam, not only in the bitcoin industry, but in general, Phinnaeus Gage specifically decided that he can determine whether a company is capable of delivering their services and goods, or no. Even though he doesn’t have the knowledge, the experience and most importantly – the moral right to do so.

This is how begins the story of an internet troll, who still ruins other people’s and companies’ reputation online.