Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Phinnaeus Gage - The Story of an Internet Troll Pt.1

Phinnaeus Gage. I happened to bump into this guy's online profile on a bitcoin related forum. As a newbie, my intention was to first learn more about that cryptocurrency which is technically not real, but you can still buy things with her. Then probably - start mining coins for a personal use.

That particular bitcoin society has by today 8393044 posts in 339779 topics by 352471 users and it is the biggest bitcoin internet society. I was browsing through the forum hungry for more information. I wanted to know about bitcoin in detail, because that was my plan to make more money and support my kids’ education. Who doesn’t want to do something good for his family after all? And that seemed like a good option to start with. The beginners section was interesting and very helpful, because all newbies could ask their silly questions there, and there would always be someone to give them an answer. Once I became more confident in my knowledge about bitcoin, I started browsing the other sections, including the Hardware sub forum.

There I became a witness of people who accumulate so many hate that if hate could transform into any form of physical weapon, it would have been an atomic bomb. Phinnaeus Gage was one of the most active users in the hardware section. Around November and December 2013, while the price of the bitcoin was so high, hardware companies were competeing who is going to offer the clients the best chip out there and who is going to nail the price to a number that is way too tempting not to invest into.

While obviously there always is some sort of scam, not only in the bitcoin industry, but in general, Phinnaeus Gage specifically decided that he can determine whether a company is capable of delivering their services and goods, or no. Even though he doesn’t have the knowledge, the experience and most importantly – the moral right to do so.

This is how begins the story of an internet troll, who still ruins other people’s and companies’ reputation online. 

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