Friday, August 22, 2014

Phinnaeus Gage: The Story of an Internet Troll Pt. 3

Phinnaeus Gage (Bruno Kucinskas)
Mr. Bruno Kucinskas, or maybe it’s better if I use his pseudonym Phinnaeus Gage, is still active on the bitcoin forum he was previously banned from. Even though we do not see a lot of posts coming from the username Phinnaeus Gage, Mr. Bruno Kucinskas is posting his opinion from other accounts, which are obviously moderated by him.

Mr. Phinnaeus Gage proved himself as a professional troll alongside many others trying to bring few of the industry key players down.
Considering the fact that the bitcoin industry is a business field where each minute matters, the competing companies are doing their best to both drive more sales (meaning sell more bitcoin miner hardware machines) and bring their competitors down.

Apparently, after one of the bitcoin conferences held in Europe last year, some of the bitcoin hardware manufacturers are hiring not only engineers and customer support to satisfy their customers’ needs, but are also hiring professional trolls (such as Mr. Phinnaeus Gage himself) to constantly distract the users from the valuable information, while at the same time they are destroying their competitors image.

The trick here, as in any other business field, is not to bring your competitors down, but to outrank them. This can’t happen if you invest your money into hiring people who are everything, but:
  • ·         Professionals;
  • ·         Available to communicate on average or higher level;
  • ·         Honest people who respect others’ people moral values.

Unfortunately, Mr. Phinnaeus Gage is not even getting close to the three bullets above.

He proved himself not only as an internet troll, but also as a low moral person, devoid of tact, guilt and sense of proportion. His over 1000 posts on the forum speak of himself as person who is greedy and willing do everything in his power just for the sake of getting a coin or two in return. That includes destroying someone else’s image, business and eventually – personal life. 

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