Saturday, August 23, 2014

Phinnaeus Gage: The Story of an Internet Troll Pt. 5

I want to make my intentions clear. I am not trying to bully Mr. Burno Kucinskas. I am trying to warn people about the person who is hiding behind a screen name and that screen name is Phinnaeus Gage. Of course, if you are a regular visitor and reader of the bitcoin forum I talk about, you surely have noticed that Mr. Bruno Kucinskas has more than one screen names.

Scrolling the topics which involve the companies he trolls, you will find him using at least 10 different usernames, but always revealing his identity.What surprised me the most is that this person really has no boundaries. 

As I was browsing through the forum one day, I saw a new thread. I clicked, even though I was sure what I am about to see there. The Phinnaeus Gage personality, logged under another nickname, was posting direct insults not only to the company and the CEO of the company he was currently fighting with, but also threats and insults to his WIFE. When this world has become so cruel? My sense of justice doesn’t allow me to leave that behind as I know that my wife and kids could be exposed to a similar attack one day. Like myself, each one of you people who read this blog, doesn’t matter if you came here because you are interested in bitcoin mining or Phinnaeus Gage (Bruno Kucinskas), must react to internet bullies and put them in the right place – in the ban folder!

I am still amazed how people like him still float around the internet societies (like the bitcoin one), directly insulting other users and even people who are not involved in the business or topic – like that CEO’s wife.
Why I’m not mentioning the name of the companies and executives that this guy trolls? Because I think that despite of their business decisions (whether right, wrong or simply not fulfilling our personal desires) they have had enough.

Once I am done telling the story of Phinnaeus Gage and his trolling career on the Internet, I want this place to become a “less trolls, less problems” world wide web page, where people share knowledge, ideas and common understanding. Not hate. 

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