Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Phinnaeus Gage: The Story of an Internet Troll Pt. 2

Many months have passed and I still haven’t bought the miners I was initially planning to buy. My savings doubled because I managed some successful bitcoin exchange transfers, but I still wasn’t mining myself. My coins were coming from outside, not from my own machines.

I have learned about bitcoin, how to make a good profit without investing into some mining hardware, but I realized that now is the time to start mining my own coins. From the comfort of my own home! I knew that once I get my hands on a decent miner or two (or three for that matter), I will double my income from bitcoins. I knew it, because I took the time to learn about bitcoin despite the fact that people like Phinnaeus Gage (also known as Bruno Kucinskas) are doing their best to keep the newcomers away and disgust and force the old members to back off.

Each topic related to bitcoin mining hardware was filled with his trolling posts from the top to the bottom. Users trying to learn more about the machines and determine whether they are willing to invest their money into some mining chips or not were not able to do so. Considering the length of each Phinnaeus Gage’s posts and the following discussions of other users trying to defend the object of the attack led to an anarchy situation which was later handled by the mods of the forum by banning Phinnaeus Gage from posting any further opinions.

Right away he went on Reddit, telling everyone how his attempts to raise the awareness in the users of how certain company is fooling its customers around were banned. It was not him trolling. It was him telling the truth, he said.

I was amazed again, because this guy seemed like he is a full-time internet troll. He was constantly attacking companies, and they were not able to handle the situation simply because they had to continue delivering their products in order to keep the ball rolling.

Bruno Kucinskas developed a strong hate perception in the majority of the community members who were there to learn more about one idea worth spreading – bitcoin. Mr. Kucinskas managed to piss off not only the community members and the companies he was trolling, but also people who were not participating in the discussions he has developed. Users all over the internet – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and reddit kept telling him to stop, but he didn’t.

Until today. Mr. Bruno Kucinskas (or Phinnaeus Gage if you prefer his screen name) is still a full-time internet troll. Apparently, he is being paid to do all of the blackguardly things he is currently doing.

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